Tru Value Foods

Tru Value Foods has leased an office and a portion of the warehouse from Canamera Transport since 2010.  We use the warehouse as a cross docking and holding area for our stores on the Gulf Islands and we run our Head Office out of the main building.

Doug and his team run an efficient, secure and clean building and everyone is pleasant to deal with. Doug always is there to help us out if we are down a receiver and he has offered to help us out when we have had the odd truck breakdown.
Doug is very flexible with his time and we feel very fortunate to be able to share his centrally located building with him and his team.

Phil Greenhalgh
Tru Value Foods

The Red Barn Market is proud to partner with Canamera for all our trucking and warehouse needs. There drivers are always on time and deliver our products with a friendly smile. Their equipment is well maintained and very reliable. Within the 60,000 Sq (not sure if that is the right size) warehouse the Red Barn has stored many different items, from grocery stock to new equipment. They always ensure that our products and equipment are safe and well organized.

It continues to be great to deal with Doug and his staff, they treat us with great respect and in turn we use them exclusively for our needs. I would be happy to recommend Canamera for your trucking and Warehouse needs

Russ Benwell
Red Barn Market

Randy A. Eckert is a photographer born and raised in Sidney, British Columbia Canada. Randy is also the owner and President of Saferway Driver Training School Ltd. in Victoria, B.C. Canada and has been involved in the transportation industry for over forty- five years.

"I have known Mr. Doug Bradshaw for years on a personal basis before he established Canamera. As an individual, he has always been considerate and respectful of others and is renowned for the contributions to various organizations and the community in general. Canamera is more than a transportation company, they are a professional family always provided excellent service and have been able to adapt to our ever changing lanes and markets.

I do not hesitate to recommend Canamera fully; they will serve your company well."